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Award-winning British songwriter and producer George Hammond-Hagan, like many other parents, has a son who found studying for his exams difficult. Realising that not all kids get the best exam results by reading information in a textbook, he decided there had to be another way.

And so he created Studytracks: a learning programme that uses the same principles of a catchy pop song to help kids smarten up for their exams.

“This is genius, I can’t tell you how useful it will be for all students.”

It was our job to build an app that collated, organised and delivered George's musical syllabus - a library of some 850 tracks covering 45 subjects.

Today's kids and teenagers are digital natives, so the app needed to work with their natural habits, behaviours and preferences, while delivering accurate information that could help them ace their exams and take the next step to securing their future.

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