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We are a team of virtual reality experts and metaverse engineers. We build experiences for virtual worlds and we're dedicated to exploring the new horizons in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). We help brands and startups understand new virtual platforms and how to harness those to the benefit of their business.

  1. Corporate businesses creating new collaboration spaces

  2. 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to show off products

  3. 3D environments and games to support marketing campaigns

  4. Live events in a virtual world to bring people together

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Who are we

The metaverse means different things to different people - and exactly what it is still being defined! And that’s what Flipside are here to help with. To help your business envisage, imagine and build in the Metaverse.

We have the 3D artists and the technology experts to bring your virtual visions to life. We’re busy building all manner of virtual worlds:

Virtual technologies


Virtual reality

Typically experienced through a VR display (but you can also experience VR worlds on your laptop or mobile too), Virtual Reality lets you navigate in a designed 3D space, typically through a 3D avatar. Think of a virtual showroom or a 3D meeting space or a collaborative virtual game.


Augmented reality

Typically experienced through your mobile phone (but also possible through some AR headsets), AR lets you present a meta layer on top of the real world to convey contextual digital information with an experience that is part real and part virtual. See a piece of furniture in your house or a new car in your driveway. Play with a virtual pet or overlay digital metadata on the real world.

What is the Metaverse?

What are NFTs and how can I use them?

What is web 3.0 and what does it mean for my business??

Should I build my own Metaverse or have a presence in someone else’s?

Do I need a VR headset to visit the Metaverse?

Virtual channels


Facebook / Meta Metaverse

Facebook (sorry Meta!) might be the best known platform out there. So if you want to build for the Oculus headset or maybe take your first steps in Meta’s persistent worlds such as Horizon Worlds or Horizon Workspace then Flipside can help get moving.


Bespoke virtual spaces

Flipside can help you build a Metaverse experience or platform of your own. Building on technologies such as Unity, from first principles, can be a powerful way to unleash your Metaverse plans as you aren’t bound by any limitations of a 3rd party platform. This means that there are no limits to what we can make happen.


Niantic lightship developers

The technology behind Pokémon Go has now been unleashed to allow us to build out new experiences on their Augmented Reality. It’s a great platform to create astonishing AR characters or real world “overlays” that blend digital objects and experiences into the real world. There’s no end of imagination that can be brought to reality.


Virtual reality events

With more and more business done remotely, virtual events is the next logical step for where audiences can congregate and businesses can communicate. Flipside can help you create engaging spaces to present your messages and products, inviting virtual participants to take part in next generation virtual reality events.

8th Wall + AR

Augmented Reality delivers magical experiences that blur the lines between the digital and real world. And 8th Wall is amazing technology that allows us to deliver AR through a mobile web browser - no apps, no downloads, just astonishing augmented interactions. As an 8th Wall partner, Flipside can help you bring your Augmented reality brand experience to life. Get in touch and we can help you step into a new augmented dimension.

Where to begin?

Whether you are at the starting line or well down the track, our no nonsense team is ready to help.

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