AR for Product Visualisation
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Flipside help our clients to bring a new dimension to promoting and understanding their products using Augmented Reality. By blurring the lines between the physical and digital world we can visualise products in ways that inform and delight your buyers. Using AR, we help you to demonstrate product features or add a special flourish to marketing campaigns. Get in touch and we can add a magical AR digital layer to your products.

Bring products to life with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality opens up a raft of new ways to tell your company or product story in ways that will captivate your buyers.

AR tech works to excite viewers, to aid understanding an to inform purchasing decisions.

We allow customers to see digital projections of real world products in context with the real world - we can augment with overlaid information panels, add creative flourishes or even layer on mini games to drive engagement.

We can help you build product try-ons, remote try-before-buy experiences for clothes, jewellery, watches and even much larger items like furniture or even vehicles.

Try-on your AR Doc Martens before you buy picture
Try-on your AR Doc Martens before you buy
Explore your new Audi in an AR showroom picture
Explore your new Audi in an AR showroom
Cat figure

Harness AR to add new depths of understanding & excitement

Virtual watch try-on for Rolex picture
Virtual watch try-on for Rolex
Ribena bottles augmented with AR fun picture
Ribena bottles augmented with AR fun

Beauty & try-ons

Flipside work with beauty and fashion brands to create digital tools and experiences that allow users to visualise makeup and other beauty products in real time though Augmented Reality, mapping effects onto the face, hands and body to show the appearance of products as if in real life.

This allows users to ensure that the virtual makeup or fashion products appear realistic on the user's face or body and customise and personalise their virtual looks by choosing from a variety of makeup shades, styles, and fashion items. We enable users to input their preferences and receive personalised recommendations too, so get in touch and we can help you take your product demos and try-ons to a new level of digital virtual reality.

Augmented Reality makeup try-on for Allergan picture
Augmented Reality makeup try-on for Allergan


Our team of talented 3D designers can help you visualise your products in fully photorealistic style, allowing us to present them in hyper-realistic AR. Now consumers can get closer to your products in the virtual world.

Virtual airline cabin exploration for American Airlines picture
Virtual airline cabin exploration for American Airlines

Virtual out-of-home CGI

And we blur the lines between the real and the virtual further still.

Computer-generated 3D campaigns are the latest way to make a noise around your product or launch. These short videos can show your brand in a near-impossible real-world scenario that delights viewers and drives attention.

Taking PR to the next level Flipside can help you generate real buzz with a little help from CGI visuals, generating conversation and reach of your message.

GAP’s new hoodie launched virtually!

Ready to help...

Whether you are at the starting line or well down the track, our no nonsense team is ready to help.

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We do game-changing immersive work for game-changing clients. We’re proud to assist businesses like...

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