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Virtual Reality allows your business to create immersive training environments. These true-to-reality experiences deliver a degree of fidelity in learning and training that just can’t be replicated with traditional e-learning approaches. Dive in with our award-winning team and create your next generation of training.

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We can deliver the technology, content and hardware to get your next generation learning programme off the ground.

Our VR training tech facilitates rapid training for individuals or groups, presenting heavily context-driven learning scenarios in fully immersive 3D video and audio.

VR really thrives in cases where you need to facilitate scenarios that are too hard, costly or dangerous to replicate in reality.

We can help you create the 3D content, either through 360 video filming or through creation of fully virtualised 3D models.

  • Virtual Reality training scenarios
  • VR content development and modelling
  • Headset, desktop & mobile versions
  • Branching & interactive experiences
  • Integration with existing LMS tools
  • Full post-training analytics

Impossible. Done.

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Facilitate complex L&D scenarios with VR at a fraction of the cost

VR for e-learning

We work with companies to incorporate VR into learning programmes, many for physical or mechanical scenarios but beyond this we also develop VR for interpersonal scenario-driven training, creating narrative-driven experiences that allow for users to learn through experimentation and repetition. VR creates a more effective simulation of the real world experience than any desk-based training, such that the learners are better equipped for entering the field.

And our work doesn’t stop there. We can help you with integrating with existing learning programs or LMS’s to ensure you get the measurement data that you need.

VR for e-learing picture
Post-training analytics allow us to report on exactly how the trainee responded to the scenario picture
Post-training analytics allow us to report on exactly how the trainee responded to the scenario

VR for health & safety training

Virtual Reality is the perfect platform for training when you need to present scenarios that are too complex, costly or dangerous to replicate in reality.

We use VR to simulate activities like vehicle driving, plant inspection, health response or complex interpersonal scenarios.

We also work with companies using VR for training on hazard identification, allowing staff to train in pre-emptive hazard or defect detection.

VR is excellent and cost effective in these kind of complex learning situations where the physicality or emotional impact of the interaction plays a crucial part of the learning experience.

VR simulator for driving training at Linde group picture
VR simulator for driving training at Linde group

Ready to help...

Whether you are at the starting line or well down the track, our no nonsense team is ready to help.

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