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Flipside helped Nestlé to become a natural part of bedtime tales. We imagined a magical experience connecting parents and kids by co-creating their own stories to spark a little fun at bedtime.

Expertise Digital product development
Deliverables UI, UX, Strategy + Development

01. The impossible

Create a hyper-personalised digital experience that lets parents and their children play together to author touching bedtime tales that connect families and spark joy.

02. Done.

Flipside’s playful web-based experience lets kids and parents design their own bedtime stories together, using the names of people they love to build something really special. Flipside even included the ability to record audio tracks, and use an interactive sound board to truly bring the co-created books to life. Kids and parents can work as a team on skills like reading aloud, creativity, and digital dexterity.

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03. The

It was a smash-hit – kids loved collaborating with their parents to make something personal and fun, returning again and again to hear their stories and create new ones.

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