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IoT developers
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We create custom solutions for the Internet of Things. We work with clients to deliver connected devices and magical experiences for a new generation of technology platforms and services. Our service is end-to-end service; from developing app UX to supporting connected devices and implementing a cloud back end to manage users and data.

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Connected Device Specialists

Engage with your customers in new ways using connected technology. For some of our clients IOT is a way to create compelling marketing campaigns that delight and excite consumers and press alike - for others it represents a whole new way of doing business. By linking devices to apps or digital platforms through Bluetooth or BLE we can open up a whole realm of new possibilities for your business.

From connected thermometers to connected rooms, we can transform physical objects into new customers touchpoints. We are expert at developing for IOT; our integrated team includes user experience designers, mobile strategists and senior developers who together created integrated solutions to bridge the digital and the physical.

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Our Clients
Nurofen FeverSmart IoT Development

Flipside partnered with Nurofen to build FeverSmart - a connected thermometer for children, powered by a smartphone app that tracks their symptoms. For many parents, taking care of a sick child can be distressing. FeverSmart makes it easier to administer the right medicine at the right time, giving parents control and peace of mind.

Nurofen FeverSmart
elvie IoT Design

Fun fact: bladder issues are more common than hay fever. Whether you've just had a baby, are just about to have a baby, are showing some of the leakier signs of ageing, or just want to tighten up your inner machinery, elvie is a smart piece of tech for training and tracking pelvic floor muscle performance - powered by an interactive app (built by us, of course).

Bloc App Developers
ERA Connected Home

ERA is the UK's leader in home security. Having dominated the market in physical security with the toughest locks in the game, we are now helping ERA to conquer the digital connected world. Flipside are working to develop IoT technology that delivers a new generation of connected home, with cameras, locks, doorbells and alarms; moving ERA's incredible product lines into the IoT future.

Octopus App Development
Creating experiences for big brands

Our Clients

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