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Virtual and Augmented technology transforms the way that students, employees and customers learn and train. Enriched materials and interactive content break down complex or multilayered topics into content that is engaging, practical and accessible. Online classes can now become exciting gamified experiences or immersive 360º environments. Flipside can help you bring a new dimension to learning.

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Flipside virtual campus VR training environment for colleges, corporates & universities

VR & AR to bring
education to life

Empower your educational journey with Flipside—a revolutionary platform that transforms traditional learning into an extraordinary virtual experience. With Flipside, you can craft the ultimate virtual learning environment, immersing students in a world where education transcends boundaries.

From dynamic classrooms to cutting-edge scientific labs, our platform enables users to actively engage with tools and scenarios, fostering collaboration and sparking the spirit of discovery among peers.

Say goodbye to geographical limitations as virtual classrooms bring students together regardless of location. Interact seamlessly with teachers and explore a realm enriched with high-quality 3D assets, delivering immersive learning experiences that often surpass the engagement of in-person environments.

Design your personalised learning space, incorporating elements such as:

  • Custom Avatars
  • Modern Class Spaces
  • Presenter Screens
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Interactive 3D Assets
  • And much more

Elevate education to new heights with Flipside, where innovation meets immersive learning for an unparalleled educational journey.

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Enhance understanding through Virtual & Augmented reality


Our virtual classroom tools can allow colleges and universities to facilitate group learning through VR headsets or laptop-based training in virtual worlds. Bring teachers and students together with group audio, video in spatial learning environments that allow exploration of 3D learning materials and virtual group collaboration tools.

Virtual campus VR classroom picture
Virtual campus VR classroom


Facilitate group learning sessions and collaboration in VR or the Metaverse. Train at a fraction of the cost and use new technologies to drive deeper engagement.

Similar tools can be used to facilitate learning with customers and the public, allowing you to deliver complex remote learning scenarios or facilitate immersive experiences that bring products and initiatives to life.

Virtual campus VR classroom picture
Virtual campus VR classroom


And you can use similar technologies to fascinate and inspire younger audiences too.

Children are true digital natives, learning in different ways through VR and AR tech is like second nature and Flipside can help you bring your Virtual and Augmented Reality learning to reality reality with interactive games and fascinating new ways to discover knowledge.

Virtuali-tee teaching kids anatomy through AR picture
Virtuali-tee teaching kids anatomy through AR

Ready to help...

Whether you are at the starting line or well down the track, our no nonsense team is ready to help.

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