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Work and play is happening more on our devices and less on paper. So where does that leave a business with printing at the core? Flipside helped to turn the death of paper into a new lease of life for HP.

Expertise Digital transformation
Deliverables UI, UX, Strategy + Development

01. The impossible

Take stock of HP’s product line and explore new ways to return the business to the forefront of printing and publishing for the new age.

02. Done.

Flipside created a suite of digital tools that allowed everyday makers – from mums and dads, to teachers, to Gen Z crafters – to design and print their own books, completely transforming HP's earlier business model. With a tight marketing strategy using a network of micro-influencers, HP's customers were creating their own content.

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03. The

By democratising the professional printing process and putting personalised publishing tools in the hands of the masses, Flipside helped to reimagine a critical part of the business and set it on a new path for a bright new future.

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