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An AI that's as sympathetic as it is useful

Flipside partnered with Nurofen to build FeverSmart: the first Nurofen product to go beyond physical medicine.

FeverSmart is a connected thermometer for children, powered by a smartphone app that tracks the symptoms of a poorly little one. For many parents, taking care of a sick child can be distressing - especially when they're too young to describe their symptoms. Nurofen wanted to make it easier to administer the right medicine at the right time, so asked us to develop an app that worked with their thermometer to give parents control and peace of mind over treating their children.

“I would recommend this to mothers as it also has a history log where you can show the doctor when you have had fever spikes, so they can see what is going on in the last 24, 48 and even 72 hours. I'm absolutely in love with this product.”

Working with third party hardware developers to improve existing SDK and integrate it with our iOS and Android apps, we leveraged our position as an Amazon partner to create a Salesforce-compatible custom backend, in addition to the frontend of the app.

In doing so we created an entirely new business line for Nurofen in the digital arena.

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