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We are experts in React development. Whether it's full stack React development, bespoke component development or React performance optimisation we've got you covered. Our user-focused, agile development approach ensures we deliver projects quickly and efficiently to meet your business goals.

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React Developers & Coders

React is an open source, front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces and UI components. It can used as a base for single page apps, websites and mobile applications. It is maintained by Facebook and has a large community of developers and companies.

And we look after clients for the long run too - we provide React development, support and maintenance. Once a React project is set up we will work with clients to provide ongoing support of React applications including maintenance, upgrades and hosting, to ensure a robust and long-term web presence for their brand.

Get in contact, we'd be happy to discuss your React needs!

Our Clients
Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Freestyle is a drinks dispenser that lets customers mix, match and blend their favourite beverages into totally new drinks. We built a fun, interactive interface where consumers could play mixologist, point their phone at the machine and have their chosen creation poured and served before their eyes. A refreshing new way to enjoy Coca-Cola.

Coca Cola
Wowcher App Design

Wowcher is your passport to good times and great deals. Just hop on the Wowcher app, track down and snap up the hottest offers out there. With amazing app tech, from searching for offers, making payments and managing your vouchers, Flipside are helping to put Wowcher at the forefront of the daily deals craze.

Wowcher App Developers
Waterstones App Development

We’re proud to have created the app for the lovely guys at Waterstones. Find your favourite books, then hunt down your nearest Waterstones store. Make your purchase and use your app as a loyalty card to collect your points. It’s a pretty versatile little tool, helping customers get close to the books the love and help Waterstones ready their business for a mobile world.

Waterstones App Developers
Octopus App Development

Octopus helps clients with wealth planning, guiding them through some of the savviest investments in the marketplace today. We helped them create this B2B app tool to their clients discover the best investments to make their money flourish and grow. The tool navigates the complex landscape, helping to demonstrate the risks and understand the rewards through simple and elegant interactions and data visualisations.

Octopus App Development
Creating experiences for big brands

Our Clients

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