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Video Production

Flipside are a London-based video production agency. We can help you create arresting videos for all kinds off applications, from corporate videos to web content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and beyond.

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Video Production Agency

We have a full video production crew who can assist with onsite video shoots and all the post production to create arresting video experiences. Whatever the flavour of video you need to create, we can help out. Just get in touch. We're ready to go!

We can even help you develop video and apps to present your VR and 360° video content to users. Whether it's Google Cardboard or one of the more advanced VR platforms, get in touch and we can help catapult you into a new dimension.

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A series of high end videos shot in 4K incorporating many cutting edge techniques to show off the unique qualities of one of the leading artistic and general education sixth form schools in the country.

Hurtwood video production
Nuffield Health video production

With a whole new brand and a whole new estate of amazing gyms and offices Nuffield wanted to step out and show the world. Flipside created a suite of showreels to show off the new estate and present a new vision of Nuffield to the world.

Nuffield video.html
IFS video

Offers agile, industry-proven software for demanding manufacturing industries. A CGI video for a land action case study scenario, covering the automated course of action following an armoured vehicle breakdown in a hostile environment. The timeline showed the use of all the IFS systems from the damage to a successful return to duty in one day.

IFS Video
Creating experiences for big brands

Our Clients

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