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The most beautiful digital experiences in the world are meaningless unless they are measurable, but many brands are so invested in how something looks they forget to assess how it works, and how well it's working. We start with critical conversations about your KPIs and what success looks like to you. We ensure everything we build is trackable and measurable.

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Digital Analytics & Insights

Analytics helps you understand the who, the what, and the how, to make sure your digital assets work as hard as you need them to, to meet your goals.

From early KPI frameworks to full scale reporting, using a wide variety of tools, we know what to measure to extract business-critical and actionable insights and help guide your strategy and ensure your digital efforts are driving commercial impact.

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EC English

Prior to embarking on any major digital program it's always good to take stock and learn from what has gone before. Your website is a treasure trove of data, giving you clues about how user interact, what leads to conversions and what is blocking business. Flipside helped EC English unlock their analytics to deliver a set of strong insights to drive the next level of development of their web business.

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Our Clients

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