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Business intelligence consultants

We are business
intelligence and
data specialists

We help businesses make better use of the data they generate and buy. Whether it’s ensuring that all your colleagues have access to the right insights at the right time, helping to remove bottlenecks for data requests, or creating easy to use dashboards to increase understanding of metrics, we can help take your BI and data to the next level.

Data visualisation

Power BI and Tableau specialists

Data visualisation platforms like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau can help to turn your complex datasets into powerful dashboards that can be understood by anyone, helping your colleagues to make better business decisions, rooted in insights.

Our team of data, UX, and development specialists can help you craft solutions that make the best of your first and third party data. Let us know what your biggest challenges are and we’ll help you to solve them!

Our Clients
Coca-Cola SIMON

Coca-Cola holds a vast amount of data, from multiple sources. But without an efficient way to draw meaning from it, such insights weren’t meeting their potential. Coca-Cola’s strategy and insights team asked us to help them move away from a centralised, dedicated analytics team having control over all the data to put insights at the fingertips of every employee who needs them. Our solution was SIMON, an AI designed to standardise data delivery and interpretation. SIMON can answer any and all business questions at the right time with accurate, real-time insights, ensuring everyone has access to information that helps them increase the company’s performance in all areas.

Midwich shop
Data, data, everywhere

We can help you make sense of any data source

Messenger apps POS data

Point of sale data from your customers

Amazon Alexa skills Volume and sales data

First party data on value and volume sales across business units, brands, and categories

AI for apps Consumer data

Third party panel data from suppliers such as Kantar or Nielsen

Messenger apps Campaign data

Track your marketing from reach and exposure to campaign effectiveness

Custom AI development Resource Allocation

Tracking whether resources are being allocated in the correct way across your business

Creating experiences for big brands

Our Clients

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