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$1 experiences for the money-poor, wanderlust-rich millennial

With January accounting for more than half of their sales, Virgin Holidays saw an opportunity to banish the January Blues for good with a whole new, bargainous holiday offering.

“We don’t hold back when it comes to holidays, and neither should you. It’s time to try, taste, dive, swim, play, shop, ride, party, pig out and have the time of your life.”

Nobody does sunny optimism quite like the Californians, so we created the Calibot - a native Californian AI who lived and breathed good times to help sun-seekers plan an awesome trip to the Golden State. At the heart of every itinerary is one of Virgin's $1 experiences - a plethora of amazing activities costing one buck. The build in a nutshell: a fully branded user flow from newsfeed, to chatbot, to purchase.

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