An app that saves lives

Cyclists and motorcyclists are lone wolves riding solo on the open road. Which feels great... until you have an accident.

Grdian is a smartphone app that gives motorcyclists - and their loved ones waiting for them to come home - peace of mind. It’s a riders very own electronic 'Guardian Angel' that looks out for users in the event of an accident/ It uses the phone's built-in accelerometer to detect an impact and, unless you mark yourself as safe, automatically calls for an ambulance.

“Purpose built accident detection software developed in partnership with Formula 1 crash test facilities to monitor pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and car drivers”

Flipside built the technology, tested it through simulated crashes using test dummies, and rolled it out to real people on the roads. It's the first of its kind, and more than just an app - it's a life saver.

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